SSL Implementation

According to a Ponemon report published in 2015, 59% of businesses lost clients because they failed to secure their websites. Given the increasing usage of the internet for transactions, a lot more businesses will lose clients. Unless you switch your website to the secure HTTPs hosting, you might witness a dip in revenue.

The HTTPs uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate or the upgrade Transport Layer Security (TLS)  in encrypting data being sent between your server and a clients’ web browser. With this, your clients are certain their personal information, such as credit card details, is safe.

Although, the main benefit of implementing SSL certificate for web applications, e-Commerce website etc., is to ensure there is adequate online security, there are other important benefits as well. The benefits include:

Anti – Scam

The SSL certificate ensures that scammers have a hard time penetrating your connection. Without the added layer of SSL certificates for your E-Commerce website, clients are wary of making payments. This leads to a huge loss in revenue.

Improved SEO

In today’s world of E-Commerce and online business transactions, nothing beats having a Search Engine Optimized Website. Optimizing your website gets it to the top of SERPs. One factor Google uses in ranking sites is website security. With HTTPs, your website’s visibility on Google is certain to improve. Using HTTPs as a ranking factor came off the back of Google’s announcement in August 2016. Although Google stated the criterion is lightweight, they also mentioned it might be strengthened.

Web Safety Assurance

Starting this month,  Google Chrome will mark any website without an SSL certificate as `insecure’. Presently, an insecure website has an `info’ icon near the address. Clicking on the icon informs users that the site is not secure. However, most internet users barely give it a glance. Starting with chrome 68, an insecure website will have the info logo, but with a `Not Secure’ text near it. This is certain to prevent clients from conducting online transactions on your website.

Improved Security

Getting an SSL certificate for your web applications and E-commerce website provides a win-win situation for you and Google. The search engine giant wants an improved user experience by increasing online security, while you crave a first-page website presently.

Chrome to Issue Red “Not Secure” Warning for HTTP


High Visitor – Client Conversion Rate

An insecure website is simply bad news for business. Even Visitors are fearful of typing their names on your site. However, with the implementation of an SSL certificate, visitors to your website are assured of the safety of their information. In addition, they’ll also be willing to return for more transactions.

The benefits of implementing an SSL certificate for your website certainly outweigh any concerns you might have. An SSL implementation might just be the necessary push to actualizing the high ROI you’ve always wanted.

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